Anissa Kermiche

Parisian jeweller Anissa Kermiche has quickly garnered a cult following thanks to her empowering fine jewellery and ceramic home furnishings. Inspired by modern art, historical figures and, most notably, the female form, she crafts playful earrings, necklaces, rings and her signature anatomical vases.

Anissa Kermiche ceramics include candlestick holders and jugs, inspired by the history of art. For a show-stopping centrepiece, opt for an Anissa Kermiche pottery vase. From derrière silhouettes to sensual torso sculptures, these items pay tribute to womanhood in all its wonderful forms. Simply fill your vase with fresh blooms and watch it come to life. For something a bit cheekier that's sure to get the conversation started, why not choose a candleholder, sculpted to a humorous middle finger?

Ceramic or earthenware, matte glazed or textured, there's an array of pottery finishes to choose from. Vibrant colours feature throughout, from bold oranges to rich blues. Or if you prefer mineral tones, choose a hand-painted black matte or metallic silver design.

For a wearable piece of art, explore the label's delicate range of jewellery. Miniature female figures, gilded hands and gold-set busts represent feminine beauty and the coming together of women. Pearls, diamonds and onyx make an appearance throughout, showcasing the brand's dedication to producing luxury items.

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