Benefit Mascaras

Benefit mascaras have impressive lash-enhancing power. And were it not for coin toss, they might not have ever made it into our make-up bags. The story goes that in 1976, twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford flipped a coin to decide whether to open a beauty store or a casserole cafe. The result? A tiny shop in San Francisco that, over the decades, grew to become the international cosmetics brand we know today. 

You'll find a similar playfulness at the heart of the company, which prescribes fun and laughter as a key component to looking radiant. In our mascara collection from the label, bright packaging and sculpted stoppers are evidence of this joie de vivre – they're designed to bring a healthy dose of delight to your beauty regime. As for other ingredients, silky serin nourishes your lashes, rich vitamins create thickness and strength, and water-resistant formulas offer an unsplashable look. The smart blends even use ultra-lightweight aero-particles inspired by space technology, for a gravity-defying curl. 

Frame your eyes by applying a Benefit curling mascara from root to tip – do it twice, to make sure you catch every strand. It's easy to top up your flutter throughout the day too, with a Benefit mini mascara stowed in your bag.

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