Boucheron Necklaces

Boucheron is a renowned Parisian jeweller with luxury at its heart. It has a history dating back to the 1800s, so it's no wonder this much-loved brand so masterfully exemplifies enduring design. Boucheron enlists some very important elements in its fine jewellery making: precision, intricacy and (most importantly, we think) balance. While adorned with diamonds and other opulent stones, the pieces are anything but flashy. Delicate pendants hang from simple eighteen-carat gold chains, resulting in designs that are impactful in an understated way. With a Boucheron necklace around your neck, you will no doubt exude confidence.

A mixture of traditional and contemporary motifs graces our selection. Faceted teardrop shapes are an iconic choice, whereas the appearance of playful animal pendants and bright charms brings a sense of fun to its offering. The label launched its Serpent Boheme collection in 1968, and it quickly became a pillar of the brand. The snake symbolism refers to Boucheron's ability to metaphorically shed its skin and refresh its attitude, keeping designs fresh and unexpected as it maintains its relevance.

Convinced you're lacking a hint of luxury in your necklace repertoire? Treat yourself or a deserving someone to a special treasure from this fine jewellery collection.

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32/32 results
32/32 results