BOUCHERON Fine Watches

Our collection of Boucheron watches is hand-selected to bring you timepieces you'll treasure forever. Founded over a century ago, the brand has a history of innovation in the industry; its creation of the Reflet watch in 1947 marked the first moment that a jeweller introduced a patented system of interchangeable bracelets, giving the wearer greater choice and versatility. It's a feature you'll still find in the range today, allowing you to switch between brushed satin and patent leather straps to match your mood.

Our Boucheron treasure trove is bursting with gemstones and precious metals. Choose a Boucheron gold watch with a rectangular case for a streamlined shape, or a jewel-encrusted Boucheron diamond watch with a shining mother-of-pearl dial for an iridescent finish. Simple roman numerals and number markers leave the faces uncluttered and let the impressive craftsmanship do the talking. Subtle branding can be found just beneath twelve o'clock and each watch is powered by precision quartz movement. 

Turn the piece over and you may also discover the designer's watchmaking motto engraved there: "Je ne Sonne que les Heures Heureuses", or "I count only the joyful hours" etched as a reminder to live every second to the fullest.

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