Christian Louboutin Women's Shoes

The tale of the iconic red sole began when French designer Christan Louboutin decorated his Pensée prototype with his assistant’s rouge nail varnish. Growing up in Paris, the Creative Director spent most of his childhood days sketching shoes rather than studying. As a result, he was expelled from many schools, so instead, he travelled as a teenager to seek inspiration from places such as Egypt and India. Returning to the City of Lights with a wanderlust portfolio, the founder started his career at one of the world’s most prestigious shoemakers before creating a global house of his own.

Opening up his first store in ’92, each pair of shoes was handcrafted in Italy, then completed with the now-iconic striking scarlet soles. Fast-forward to today, and not much has changed. Fusing Parisian opulence with artisanal craftsmanship, Christan Louboutin women’s shoes are designed to make you feel as confident as they are comfortable. For those special occasions, dress from the feet up with the brand’s selection of show-stopping stilettos and patent court heels. Or, for your weekend adventures, put your best foot forward with the signature low-top trainers and leather ankle boots.

When it comes to the brand’s monikers, it’s not just the firey flash of red to consider. From sprinkling its bestsellers with silver-toned studs to scribbling its namesake across the heel tab, each pair in our curated collection provides you with a signature sign-off recognised across the globe.

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60/179 results