Contrast is key in Completedworks's jewellery and it's this gentle push and pull that makes these items so distinctive. Weaving, looping, stacking and folding are techniques used to craft soft, natural shapes. These are then juxtaposed with (primarily regenerated) metals and stones. Browse our collection and you'll understand why the brand's offbeat design ethos has gained legions of fans across the globe. Who knows? You may even join them.

Dip your toe in the Completedworks pool with a pair of statement-making earrings, where abstract curves are recreated for an appealing yet unconventional appearance. We recommend completing the look with a delicate necklace, crafted from recycled materials that are simultaneously indulgent and planet-friendly. For more eco-picks, keep an eye out for our yellow Project Earth banner, highlighting pieces made from responsibly sourced supplies. Some of the label's highlights include salvaged silver and gold, conflict-free Canadian diamonds and reclaimed marble.

If you want to invite the same lush aesthetic into your home, why not indulge in a sculpted ceramic vase? Its cloud-like form is innately soothing and with a neutral-driven colour palette, it'll fit seamlessly into a range of décor schemes. Completedworks frequently collaborates with world-renowned designers for limited edition ranges, so be sure to check our ever-changing selection for the latest drop.

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