Creed Perfumes

Alluring top notes, heady heart notes and invigorating base notes combine within Creed fragrances for a powerful effect. Whether you're looking to stock up on your favourite, find a new nighttime aroma or pick up a miniature size for on-the-go spritzing, our extensive collection will leave you smelling sublime. 

The brand's story began in 1760 when James Henry Creed sent pair of scented leather gloves to the new English King, George III. Originally based in Mayfair, London, the House of Creed relocated to Paris in 1854 when it was appointed as an official supplier to the French royal household. This marked a shift towards perfumery, and now the label can attest to having produced more than 200 distinctive colognes over the centuries. Today, the signature flacons emulate a coat of arms, highlighting the brand's prestigious history and creating an arresting look on your bathroom shelf. Inside, you'll find fragrances such as tart lemon and light iris alongside rich sandalwood and deep musk for an intoxicating experience.

Choose a Creed eau de parfum and spray it onto your pulse points to let your natural body heat diffuse the scent for day-long allure. Need a top-up? Slip a perfume atomiser into your bag to take a heady aroma with you wherever the day leads.

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35/35 results