When it comes to sweets, you can't beat the classics. Our Foodhall is filled with a wondrous assortment of retro confectionery, American candy, luxury fudge and more for you to enjoy with the whole family. Don't forget the vegan jelly beans and gummies, either.

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60/125 results
60/125 results
project earth icon SELFRIDGES SELECTION: Mince pie caramels 150g
project earth icon FUDGE KITCHEN: Make your own fudge kit
project earth icon ASK MUMMY DADDY: Vegan Rosey Apples 240g
project earth icon ANANDA'S: Raspberry marshmallows 80g
project earth icon ANANDA'S: Coconut marshmallows 80g
project earth icon LAURA'S CONFECTIONERY: Butter fudge 200g
FARHI: Almond nougat 500g
QUARANTA: Pistachio nougat slice 165g