GEORG JENSEN Candles & Home Fragrance

Our Georg Jensen home collection offers artisanal pieces that bring Scandinavian finesse into your home. Founded in Copenhagen in 1901, the brand draws on a proud tradition of Art Nouveau silversmithery, which has since evolved into a cool contemporary aesthetic. Luxury candles, holders and accessories are all representative of Georg Jensen's expert craftsmanship and impeccable taste.

Whether you're preparing an opulent dinner, creating a warm ambience for an evening lounge or just bringing a little cosy charm into your bedroom, our lineup of Georg Jensen home decor will have the ideal piece for you. Ornamental candleholders blend shapely dynamism with a metallic sheen – try tabletop candelabras in hardworking materials such as stainless steel. Or look to voluptuous floor-lamp bases to illuminate your room in striking style. You'll love the gravity-defying sweeps and curves of their sculptural style. In some designs, mirrored surfaces reflect the light of a flame to conjure a more potent light source for your space.

Georg Jensen candlesticks are particularly known for their ageless designs, subtly embossed with the brand logo on minimalist surfaces for a signature finishing touch. As the evening draws to a close, you can extinguish your flames with a delicately crafted candle snuffer from the same collection.

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