Huda Beauty Perfumes

One spritz of a Huda Beauty perfume and you're transported to the balmy shores of a Middle Eastern beach. From the label's signature Kayali fragrances to its limited-edition blends, you'll find hints of vanilla and citrus mingling with floral notes and musk for a powerful aroma.

Award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan is one of the region's most influential women (her social media following of over 40 million is testimony to the fact). The eponymous designer started her blog in 2010, and her business took off in 2013 when she and her sisters, Mona and Alya, created a range of false eyelashes. Since then, they've added an extensive line of make-up and women's perfume to their repertoire. You'll find large colourful bottles and portable options alike on our virtual shelves, filled with complex fragrances. We're talking fruity black cherry, earthy amber and light Damascene rose.

Pick a giant bottle for your bathroom shelf with a sparkling gold neck and diamond-sculpted top for a stand-out effect. Spritz it on your pulse points and your body heat will diffuse the fragrance as you move throughout the day. For on-the-go top-ups, select a rollerball perfume set and slip one into your handbag. Now, just add a slick of the label's luscious lip gloss to complete your beauty regime.

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