Women's Huda Beauty Perfume

Explore Huda Beauty perfumes at Selfridges and discover the brand's distinctly creative fragrance philosophy. Founded by Huda Kattan in 2013, this fun-loving cosmetics label has grown at an impressive rate. Kayali, its fragrance line, followed in 2018. Developed in collaboration with the founder's sister, Kayali is inspired by the scents of the Middle East, blending peppery spices and refreshing fruits to create a complex and enigmatic olfactory world.

These are perfumes for women who like options. They can be worn alone or layered for maximum impact. Why not start with a rich, woody fragrance as your base note, then add a spritz of something fruity for a warm tropical finish? Or, mix citrus scents with notes of uplifting jasmine to create a meadow of aroma. Prefer to keep things simple? Just choose your favourite and wear it proudly – each perfume promises a sensory journey all of its own.

One look will tell you these fragrances are made for gifting. Every aspect of their design – from their gem-like bottles to their geometric boxes – has been carefully chosen for maximum visual impact. Treat a fragrance fan to one of Huda Beauty's women's designer perfumes, and you'll give them a gift worth treasuring.

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