It's ceramics, but not quite as you know it with modern pottery from Kana London. The brand is the brainchild of Ana Kerin, whose background in sculpture and fine art explores the possibilities of earthenware. Here in our collection, you'll find practical stoneware dishes as well as larger sculptural pieces that bring both function and craft into your home.

Kana London tableware boasts unusual glazing inspired by fabrics like gingham, while gloriously watery pigment adds a sense of movement to the work. Kerin uses hand-building as opposed to the pottery wheel to retain a textural touch with the subtle trace of fingerprints and uneven rims. In our selection of modern stoneware, you can expect irregular finishes and a host of bright hues like lemon yellow and sky blue. 

Embrace the palette of punchy colours and interesting shapes apparent in more ornamental pieces from Kana London. This freedom of form gives each item an artisanal charm. Explore eye-catching designs that will take pride of place in your home, like those that celebrate the beauty of the female form. Our curation from the ceramicist boasts dishes and bowls that form part of our Project Earth range, highlighting products that are created with planet-friendly materials and processes.

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