It’s fair to say Manchester music mogul Liam Gallagher has made his mark in the British hall of fame. From acting as the lead vocalist of iconic rock band Oasis to debuting his very own solo album in 2017, the singer-songwriter now adds designer to his resume. To celebrate the release of his third album and upcoming Knebworth tour, the frontman joins forces with Selfridges to create an exclusive capsule collection. Filled with all the merch needed to become a groupie, the edit transports you to the show – no backstage pass required.

Paying homage to the impact the creative polymath has had on British style, the label includes collaborations from all of your favourite menswear brands. While his alliance with Barbour and Nigel Cabourn RKID upcycles the houses’ signature garms and stamps branded patches all over, the Snow Peak line adds a sense of nostalgia as the design duo throws us back to the 90s by recreating the artists’ renowned parka jacket.

Never forgetting where he came from, Liam Gallagher’s designs reference the singer’s roots. Selecting fashion students Niamh & Aoife Dobson and Hari Thavanendran from Manchester Metropolitan University, the label took inspiration from the previous album cover to recreate monikers that define its clothes today. Explore our handpicked range of bucket hats, graphic tees and hoodies today. C'mon You Know you want to.

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49/49 results