Discover artisan scents from our collection by luxury atelier LUMIRA. The Australian brand has been creating distinctive products to fill your home with uplifting aromas since 2013. It's inspired by the way smells can conjure up memories of places we've been. LUMIRA crafts each scented product with a specific location in mind – whether that's a rain-soaked city street or a quaint countryside village in Provence. Find your favourite from our LUMIRA fragrances. 

The designer soy candles in our range have been lovingly hand-poured, with the standard 300g size offering an impressive 80 hours of burn time. Transport yourself across the globe with irresistible, spicy options that feature notes of Chinese ginger, crushed cloves and zingy lemon zest. For something soothing to help you feel serene in the evening, select a candle that includes hints of smoky incense, jasmine and bergamot. 

When it comes to design, LUMIRA candles are made to look as good as they smell. Expect statement-making black jars that have an instant impact on your coffee tables or shelves. Simple gold lettering offers a decadent finish that matches the richness and opulence of the scent combinations. For a quick, ambience-boosting spritz, choose a room spray from our collection.

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