Moncler Perfumes

Transport your senses to snowy peaks and mountain forests with our Moncler fragrance collection. The luxury French brand, whose heritage dates back to 1952, is known and loved for its lightweight padded jackets. Thanks to an innovative outlook and collaborations with young artists and designers, the Maison has remained at the top of its game in the 21st century. In 2021, the brand took its first foray into fragrance, capturing Moncler's essence with a duo of scents. 

Developed by some of the industry's most experienced noses, men's and women's Moncler perfumes feature mountain woods accord, a blend exclusive to the company. Choose between warm and woody notes of cedarwood and alpine green accord, or sweeter bouquets such as powdery snow and jasmine. Wear yours to revive the thrill of the ski season, all year round.

The perfume bottles themselves also reference the label's Alpine history. Note the flask-shaped container and its ribbed silver case echoing the label's quilted coats. It wouldn't be a Moncler item without a technologically novel detail – you can house your fragrance in a chargeable vessel complete with an LED screen. Personalise your bottle using the app, or compose a note to a special someone when you gift them a Moncler aftershave or eau de parfum.

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