Off White c/o Virgil Abloh Men's Coats & Jackets

Browse our Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh jackets, and you’ll see just why the American designer was considered a pioneer. We say, “This is where high fashion fuses with streetwear", creating a flawless blend – mixed as expertly as one of Abloh’s own DJ sets.

Launched in Milan in 2013, this innovative brand is perpetually pushing forward, making forays into homeware, accessories and athleisure wear. You’ll note some key tropes where Off-White jackets are concerned: silhouettes that hint at smartness while remaining grounded in street fashion; a master tailor's attention to detail; the brand’s signature arrow motif.

These arrows, pointing outward as if to suggest the constant disruption of boundaries, have become iconic. The same goes for the bold diagonal stripes that appear throughout Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh's collections. Abloh made them famous before he was 40, while also working as a filmmaker, DJ, philanthropist and creative director of Kanye West’s design company.

Central to Abloh’s vision was the pairing of classic Italian craftsmanship with American streetwear trends. That’s why these jackets are so tailored, yet have practical, all-weather details like performance fabrics, drawstring hoods and multiple pockets. It’s also why Off-White coats can look just as swish on a hike as on a night out. Exceptional quality is, of course, a given.

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