Versace Perfumes

When a brand is as opulent as Versace, you can expect its fragrance line to be fittingly bold. In the collection, vibrant florals sit alongside musky scents that are certain to command attention. Prefer your perfumes on the lighter side? Turn to bright fruity notes that will provide a pick-me-up from the very first spritz.

Though the label is based in Italy, its influences span the globe – simply browse the ingredients lists to whip up your wanderlust. From powdery mimosa flowers that hail from Central America to oriental oud and patchouli, each concoction is designed to whisk you away. And if you're travelling for real? Look out for miniature versions of Versace's most popular eau de toilette to bring on the go. These options are ideal for jet-setting or even stashing in your handbag to top up your scent during the day.

If you're feeling generous, designer fragrances will be a welcome gift, whether they're marking a birthday or another special occasion. As well as enjoying their new signature aroma, the lucky recipient is sure to love peeling back the wrapping paper to see Versace's distinctive bottles. Complete with gleaming metallic embellishments and indulgent carvings, they'll infuse any bathroom cabinet with an undeniable sense of panache.

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24/24 results