Versace Men's Swimwear

Whether you're priming your wardrobe for your next sunny jaunt or getting ready to enjoy a summer at home, Versace men's swimwear is a must-explore. The Italian brand is known for its ostentation, taking practical pieces and transforming them through a bold use of colour and print. The result? Well, we'd say it's certain to make a splash.

A forerunner in the world of statement beachwear, Versace swim shorts recall the heady glamour of the 1980s. Expect to see indulgently printed waistbands, adorned with Grecian patterns or the label's instantly recognisable Medusa logo. If you're an adventurous dresser, you may find yourself drawn to all-over prints, with gilded detailing that adds plenty of panache. As you scroll, keep an eye out for garments with handy pockets that give you space to stash your belongings as you nip to the poolside bar.

Do you prefer your swim trunks on the longer side? Versace board shorts are an ideal choice, typically extending as far as the knee. The label gives you lots of options when it comes to silhouette, from loose sportswear designs to straight-leg cuts that create a more streamlined appearance. Whichever you choose, these styles pair well with a T-shirt for an after-dip dinner – just the thing for relaxed holiday dressing.

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