See (and hear) our Christmas windows come to life

This Christmas, our world-famous windows bring to life a series of Future Fantasy tales, which reimagines the stories of old for the modern day. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, plug in your headphones and let the storytelling begin…

Chapter 1: the fairytale ball becomes a daytime rave…

The clock strikes 12 but still she’s here,
Dancing across the floor.
Her laser-lit gown resplendent, 
The onlookers left in awe. 

No glass slippers on her feet,
Just a flash of fluoro below the hem,
Revealing her trainers stepping,
To the beat of the sound system.

Yes, this Christmas, change is afoot,
The digital age brings a new day,
Where fairytale balls become daytime raves, 
And traditions are done your way.

Chapter 2: mirror, mirror on the wall…

“Who is the slickest of them all?”
He said to his reflection.
But the mirror revealed more:
A moment of introspection.

Beyond hashtag, filter and live stream,
He reflected on thoughts instead,
Of friends, music and laughter
That would make the night ahead.

For the digital age is a hall of mirrors,
We may get lost in from time to time.
But when it comes to the party season,
It’s friends that make the good time.


Chapter 3: a moonlit magical feast…

A moonlit magical feast,
Taken out onto the waves,
Planned for the modern foodie,
Filled with flavours to crave.

“Pass the vegan panettone” she said,
“Chuck the eggnog curd” he replied,
As they dined on unexpected flavours,
The boat bobbing with the tide.

For festive food can be made magic,
Traditions can come with a twist,
Dine on what you love, we say,
And shake up your grocery list.


Our Future Fantasy windows rethink beloved festive stories, re-telling them through a modern lens. This is a next generation Christmas – an interplay of old and new.

Bobbie Tree, Selfridges Design Manager


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