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14 July – 16 October 2022  

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14 July – 16 October 2022  

Our planet is nothing less than extraordinary. But we have reached a tipping point where its future, along with the life it sustains, is at stake. And we know that the decisions we make today will create the blueprint for tomorrow.


As we continue to imagine and create a more sustainable future at Selfridges, this exhibition helps us stretch our imagination to its limits to explore what the future might hold. How might we live? What might we look like? How will we behave? And what might it feel like?


We have worked with artists, thinkers and brands who paint a picture of a hybrid, fluid future. A world where opposites attract…

“Boundaries between human and machine, organic and crafted, nature and culture, physical and virtual, young and old are blurred. Established ideals of beauty and body are challenged, and bygone ways of producing, consuming and fuelling are pulled into question,” explains Agnes Gryczkowska, SUPERFUTURES guest curator.


Together, let’s explore visions for a positive, sustainable and forever expanding future. A future in which we can live better and brighter. A super future.


Read on to find out more about the exhibition and take a virtual tour.

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