Pictured: 100% plastic-free glitter
01 January, 2021

Selfridges removeS all plastic-based cosmetic glitter

Did you know that single-use glitter (similarly to microbeads and microplastics in cosmetics) is easily washed away and ends up in our water-systems, polluting oceans and endangering sealife?

As part of Project Ocean (our long-term campaign to protect our oceans from over-fishing and plastic pollution), we have removed all plastic-based cosmetic glitter from sale in our stores as of 1 January 2021 with the help of our suppliers.

This commitment is part of our ever-evolving plan to change the way we shop and to offer our customers more sustainable options.

Daniella Vega, Director of Sustainability at Selfridges, said: “As we continue to see the devastating and pervasive nature of single-use plastic, we are continuing to reduce our plastic footprint and are pleased to be eliminating the microplastics that can be found in makeup. We have worked with our suppliers to erase all single-use plastic from our shop floors and the removal of glitter containing plastic is a huge achievement for our Beauty Halls. Glitter is prevalent and something many people don’t realise is part of everyday cosmetics, by taking this off sale we are hoping to do our bit to help educate our customers as well as giving them a helping hand to make better, more sustainable choices.”